About Us


Smart-COOP is initiative brought to the society with purpose of -

  • Poverty alleviation in rural India by creating more business opportunities for youth and women from rural parts
  • अन्न (Anna) - Healthy food to rural and urban consumers
  • वस्त्र (Vastra) - Healthy clothing and other textile items to users
  • निवारा (Nivara) - Healthy and natural living properties & facilities

All these dreams are possible through cooperative efforts of individuals, banks/credit cooperatives, other cooperatives, government agencies and private entities. There has been lot of efforts made in past with limited, unsustainable success. Now there is a need of collective efforts to make sustainable and effective success. Smart-COOP is a platform and solution provider to get results out of efforts done on these subjects.

What Consumer of अन्न (Food), वस्त्र (Clothing) and निवारा (Living) want?

They wish to have these things as they all are well aware of its health benefits but to make this possible farmers, entreasures, cooperatives etc need to put lot of efforts and energy and same need to be paid by consumers. We have to create striking balance between these all stakeholder’s need and create win-win-win situation amongst all of them.

It will be dream come true moment to achieve other benefits by the way of socio-economic inclusion of rural India and healthy and sustainable future by poverty alleviation and growth of possibilities in rural life - parts of India (by increase in income) We aim to bring an economic revelation in the Rural parts of India.